Facility Infrastructure (Yalova Campus – Shipyard)

From the Czech Republic in order to process large-scale parts in Yalova Campus; Y-Axis Movement 18 m., Rotary Table Diameter 7 m., Distance Between Columns 8.5 m. 10 m. taken back 15 m. A bench with a diameter of up to 200 tons that can be processed in one operation was purchased and its installation was completed.

As of today, Gürdesan is in the happiness of bringing Turkey's largest CNC Vertical Machining Center into operation, both in terms of its size and technical processing capacity with its 11-Axis feature, and bringing it to our country and our National Capital.

This CNC machining center is sized and capable of machining many extra-ordinary workpieces, such as pressure vessels in the Nuclear Power Plant industry, with the required precision.

Total Shipyard Area 72.000 m²
  • - Total Closed Areas 6.000 m²
  • - Floating Dock 301 m x 51,5 m (internal) 50.000 tons Lifting Capacity
  • - Dock Cranes 2x25 tons Main lifting capacity each + 2x6 tons Dock Auxiliary Lifting Capacity
  • - Overhead Cranes
    • - 3 x 100 Tons
    • - 2 x 25 Tons
    • - 8 x 10 Tons
  • - 32m x 20m Painting and Blasting Shop
  • - Mobil Crane 80 tons lifting capacity
Facility Infrastructure