Gürdesan Gemi Makina Quality Management Policy

In order to respond to the ever-changing and increasing requirements, which has an important place in the ship machinery manufacturing sector in our country, in the fastest way and with the most advanced methods. outline of the policy of our working company;

By fulfilling the requirements of quality, environment and occupational health and safety standards within the framework of legal and other conditions; To increase the satisfaction of our customers and employees by fulfilling customer requests on time, under the most suitable conditions and at the highest quality level. To be a pioneer in the national and international sector by constantly improving the effectiveness of our system. On the issues of quality, environment and occupational health and safety; It is our policy to prevent injury, health deterioration and environmental pollution in accordance with the objectives, risks and environmental impacts of our activities.

Gürdesan understanding; It is a process that is not only limited to product quality, but also covers all business relations, always prioritizes education and is reached with the contributions of all its employees.

We undertake that we will ensure that our policy and targets are understood by all personnel and that studies will be carried out in accordance with this policy.