Gürdesan R&D / P&D Policy

Today, the productivity levels and production structures of the national economies are of great importance in terms of ensuring a stable economic growth and increase in welfare. In this framework, the orientation towards research and development (R&D) activities in the world is gaining momentum and it is seen that countries are in an effort to create more added value with less resources.

Since 2006, Gürdesan has been continuing its R&D investments with an increasing momentum with the effects of taking an active role in military projects. In this context, it keeps computer programs and hardware up-to-date in order to get accurate results in a short time. As Gürdesan, we have determined that there is a strong relationship between the increase in R&D activities and the increase in productivity with the high quality we have achieved in our products.

Gürdesan R&D activities enable investments made to increase knowledge, to new technologies or to use existing physical and human resources more effectively.

Since the day it was founded, Gürdesan, which takes care to keep the high production quality above everything else, is expanding its machine park that it has used in the production line with new investments day by day. Thanks to the 10- axis CNC machines it has today, up to 6x4 meters Fast and reliable production is ensured with the possibility of processing large-scale complex parts with the best precision and minimum adjustment.

Gürdesan, which started its production activities in an area of ​​4.000 m2, has increased its production facility area to 50.000 m2 today in order to meet customer expectations and needs, to keep up with developing technologies, to reach international standards and to provide the highest quality products. Our company continues to grow rapidly with the determination of being a Turkish company on an international scale with its exports to many countries.